Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Feast for the Grandparent's Eyes

Here they are, the long-time-coming photos from our 2nd Annual Christmas Eve family photo shoot. There's some great ones in the bunch. . . have fun looking!
I love this one.
Sweet sisters!

Clara Anne Danielle, 5 years old!

A beautiful smile!

My dancing princess, only too glad to pose for the camera.

Chloe Rachelle, three and a half. Love that big grin!

Giggling at Daddy.

Taking her turn doing some dancing.

Christin Arielle, 20 months, wispy hair, red nose, sweet smile, and all.

Love this precious one!

I didn't do such a great job choosing backgrounds this time. The dresses, which are actually quite a dark, beautiful burgundy, showed up in the pictures quite red. The deeper color of the background came through quite purple. Oh well!

Piling on Daddy was fun at first...until Christin got smooshed.

Not half bad! It's hard to get everybody looking and smiling at once!

That's a classic Christin face if I ever saw one!

Funny girl!

Here's where piling on Daddy was still fun!

Daddy daughter love!

And some Daddy-daughter dancing!

How about a little dancing with Mommy?

Love my Clara Anne!

And the last picture, taken with Lou, our dear helper and friend. Of course she was with us that morning, helping to arrange the girls' dresses, make them smile, keep track of our winter coats, etc. We love and appreciate her!
So, another family photo session has come and gone. I was reasonably pleased with the results and am glad we had it done again. Time flies by so quickly, in a few years we will be so glad we have all of these pictures, capturing the girls and our family at this stage. The girls also love to look at old pictures, so now we're preserved in these photos for all time! Hope you enjoyed taking a look!


Brigitte said...

These are PRECIOUS Rachel! Such beautiful girls. You look so gorgeous, too!! BTW, Kevin wanted cinnamon rolls for V-Day so I made yours last night...really delicious!

Rachel said...

Hi Brigitte,
so glad the cinnamon rolls turned out well for you! That's fun, if you have to be up early hearing fireworks you might as well enjoy some cinnamon rolls along with them!

Kellie said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I think they look great and you all did a great job smiling - you are right - it is quite a feat to get everyone smiling and looking at the same time at the right place! Koodos to you!

sandra said...

What precious photos! I loved the individuals you and John took with each of your girls.

Groovers said...

such beautiful family photos! how fun to have a house full of girls :)

Servant of the Most High said...

Wonderful pictures.
God bless you all.