Sunday, February 28, 2010

Under the Wire!

It's 11pm on Sunday, and I should be in bed, but I wanted to get a quick note in under the wire before we hit the month of March! Here's a few updates for you from our house tonight:

We had a wonderful trip to HK. Simply wonderful. The Lord blessed, gave peace and joy, helped us to get up early for quiet times, gave us energy for the days, and we had a lot of fun! Our medical checkups went very well, and everyone appears to be quite healthy. The weather was much better than we expected and we only had a bit of rain the first day. I really liked memorizing a verse each day to keep my heart in a good place! It was a true blessing and felt like the most God-glorifying vacation we've ever taken! PTL!

Just two clouds in our sunny HK experience: Chloe and I both became violently ill one night in the middle of the night. She threw up (three times, but who's counting?) all over herself and the bed (I've never been so thankful that we had a washer/dryer right there in our borrowed apartment!). I had gone to bed early, not feeling well, and while trying to help John clean up had to rush to the bathroom myself. Yuck, yuck, yuck! The next morning we were supposed to go to Disneyland, and we actually were able to go through with it, though I packed some motion sickness bags just in case! Thankfully, no one else in the family got it. We're not sure where that nasty bug came from! Good thing I was trying to eat more moderately during our trip anyway; otherwise I might have been really disappointed that basically two full days of the vacation I was missing out on tasty food. As it was, my heart was content to let the food pass me by, PTL for that grace.

The other cloud was the brief demise of our camera. One night, as John played fun, jazzy music through his computer and the girls were dancing around in delight, I reached to grab the camera and snap some pictures. I grabbed it by the strap of the camera case. . . but the case wasn't zipped and the camera fell to the floor. Argh and double argh!! The sickening thud was enough to make me sick to my stomach all over again. After that, the camera was unreliable; working occasionally but refusing to focus at other times. The silver lining to this cloud was that we had already taken several hundred pictures on this trip, AND upon returning home we brought it to a Nikon dealer who was able to do the necessary repairs for about $50. That turned out much better than I expected! We'll pick up the camera tomorrow and I'll hopefully post some HK pictures soon.

So, we left the air conditioning behind and returned home to winter again. Today it began to rain, which then turned to snow. Yes, SNOW again, on the eve of March, a rarity in our city no matter the time of year. The girls are thrilled and the accumulation is already an inch or two; we may be playing outside in the morning!

Just three weeks, and we leave for America! I have my work cut out for me; lots of home things to organize before we leave. I plan to sort through basically our whole house in preparation; determining what to keep, what to get rid of, and what we need to buy in the States. That time is approaching fast!

Well, I'm off to bed. Happy March, everyone!

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