Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Teaser

Finally, I have some pictures to share from our Christmas Eve photo shoot at the studio downtown. I don't have time to post all (26!) of them tonight, but here's a teaser for you to enjoy in the meantime. And this first one may be my favorite of all.

In other news, today was a fun day at our house. I invited five friends over to make oatmeal raisin cookies and pumpkin bread together. This weekend is the most major holiday of the year, so many people are off work and one of my friends even asked off so she could come and participate this morning! Three of them brought their children, and it was more than a little crazy! I had everything set out on my lazy susan and taught through the process, step by step, with my friends writing things down and taking pictures all the way, while the children wreaked havoc in other parts of the house. (Including taking out an entire container of beads and foam craft pieces and dumping them all over the floor!)

We had fun, though! These ladies are all part of my Tuesday night book club where we are reading Sally Clarkson's "The Mission of Motherhood." It was fun to get together outside of the study and they seem to really love coming to our home. I also will say that I took an hour long nap after it was all over this afternoon! Wowza!

Tomorrow we have another fun party planned--the tradition for this holiday is to make dumplings, so we are having a dumpling party with some friends tomorrow night. It should be fun, and tasty too.

That's all from our house tonight! Good night!

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