Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faces and Places: Louisville Edition

Louisville has to be one of our favorite places, mainly because it is a place where so many live who are near and dear to our hearts. We were so thankful to be able to spend about 9 days there during our trip to the States, guests of the generous hospitality of our friends John and Sarah. It was gorgeous weather during our stay and we spent as much time outside as possible. So. . . let's look at some pictures! How about starting with a trip to the zoo? It was Christin's first time on a carousel. She was NOT excited about riding on top of a large animal, but was soothed by sitting on this seat with Daddy nearby. I love how her hand is resting on his in this photo. Big girl Christin!
All of the kids piled on a . . . buffalo? Yak? Actually I'm not sure what that animal is! I guess I need to go back to the zoo and check up on that!
The elephants are always intriguing.

A family photo in the lovely zoo park area.
Our wonderful hosts!
Dear friends Chip and Doris Stam welcomed us into their home one day for lunch; Chip is in the midst of a cancer battle and we were just so thankful and delighted to have some time to spend with them. We ate, we sang around the piano, we watched Chip do tricks with his dogs, we laughed, and we prayed together. And before the afternoon was over, Chip invited John to shave off his hair, which was beginning to fall out again anyway. You'd have to know Chip to appreciate his sense of humor in the situation!

After the Deed was Done. :)
Chip maintains a caring bridge site: check it out under "carl stam". Chip and Doris are precious members of the Body; we are so thankful for them and praying fervently that the Lord will see fit to prolong Chip's life for further service. We love you Chip and Doris!

Ken and Beth A, and their daughters Katie and Sarah, also welcomed us into their home one evening. What a treat to talk with them, share our hearts and hear theirs as well, and let Sarah play with the girls for the whole evening! We had a great time with them!

And here's a picture of our Nigerian friends, Haggai and Mary, and their family. We didn't have "enough" time with them but enjoyed a great conversation over a meal. Can you tell which kids belong to us?? :)
And the last picture I have from Louisville. . . early one morning my friend Gretchen and I met for coffee (what else?!) and had a great conversation. Gretchen often comments here, you can find her at www.gret-reads-247.blogspot.com if you'd like some great insights on all things bookish!
Thanks Lord for such an abundance of good friends, fun times, encouraging conversations, beautiful weather, and great food during the time we were in Louisville! Next stop: Rochester, New York! Stay tuned!

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