Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is our life...but not for long

It only seemed right, after spending hours upon hours (I didn't add them, that might have been discouraging) over about 7,000 miles on the road in 7 weeks, that I should include some pictures of the girls in their carseats. Carseats were a new experience for my girls, since they are non-existent in Asia. Since we don't have our own car, there really wouldn't be any practical way to carry a seat around as we go from taxi to taxi.
Plus, we also spend a lot of time on our bikes, with girls sitting in a (somewhat precarious) metal seat where it is up to them to hold on. Christin is usually strapped into a baby carrier, but the bigger girls have to just sit tight and hold on.

So I'm thankful they took to their carseats as easily as they did. We talked it up: new, Special seats with FLOWERS on them! How pretty! How fun! Cupholders on the side! Yippee!! And the girls did fine in them. Though note in the picture above...there were some crabby moments. That's only to be expected on long road trips! John and I were often talking so we had lots of "quiet time" for the girls and they actually napped quite well in the seats. PTL!

Probably one of the biggest difficulties was that Christin was in the middle and therefore able to pester each sister equally--an Equal Pestering Opportunity. She was fond of snatching toys, crayons, or whatever from her sisters and then smirking naughtily. Good thing she was within my reach if I twisted around in my seat--she certainly received her share of punishments as we drove 7,000 miles!
All in all the girls did great in their seats and were excellent travelers. It got to the point where a trip of 4-5 hours was no big deal! They're experts now. PTL for His traveling mercies--we never had a breakdown, never had an issue with the car, and arrived at our destinations safely every time. That is a significant grace we are very thankful for! But I have a feeling the girls won't be sorry to say goodbye to the carseats when the time comes. And perhaps, neither will I!


Brad and Carrie said...

Way to go! I'm very impressed my friends, very impressed. We can't wait to see the Winds back home again! See you next week!

Sarah said...

We are glad to keep up with you all through the blog! Totally understand regarding the car seats. I was happy to be back where they were no more. Takes a little less time getting in and out of the car...on the other hand it is nice for the kids to be "locked in" sometimes, if you know what I mean! We will continue to follow your time in the states! Blessings!