Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flashback: Wedding Festivities, April 2, 2011

 We have a friend whom we've known for about six years; her English name is Lynn.  And, she got married recently!  Enjoy these pictures of the wedding festivities!  There was some confusion about her wedding date due to the fact that they had scheduled the wedding and booked the restaurant BEFORE the government announced that the next weekend was going to be a 3 day national holiday for the Tomb-Sweeping Festival.  That wouldn't have been a problem, except in this country when there is a weekend off, it means the next weekend is a working weekend.  So the Saturday of her wedding was supposed to be a working day for most people.  There was no way to change the venue at that late notice, and I think she was worried that many people wouldn't come, but since the hall was quite crowded I think most people were able to make it!  :)  In the above picture Clara Anne and Chloe are enjoying the pre-ceremony snacks provided at all the tables.
 The bride and groom had a ceremony of sorts, led by an MC who continually cracked jokes and tried to get laughs.  But, probably the most serious moment of the ceremony was when the bride promised the husband's parents that she would take care of her husband and take care of the husband's parents when they were old.  There were tears from the bride and groom at that important moment!  It's an interesting contrast: in a western wedding, the bride and groom make promises to each other.  In a wedding in this culture, the bride and groom make promises to each other's parents. 
 The lovely bride.
 Here's that MC, enjoying his work, that's for sure!
 Afterwards it is traditional for the friends of the bride and groom to take group pictures with them; we obliged (with our friends Kevin and Becky) but my girls didn't exactly cooperate, as you can see!
 Then we took a few pictures of our own in the private room we were given for the reception.  There was tons of food and it was very enjoyable to have lunch with a few of our close friends (Asian and American!) and relish the relative quiet and non-smoking atmosphere.  At the ceremony, cigarettes are a traditional free gift (on the tables with the snacks) so everyone lights up.  It became a bit hard to breathe after awhile!  So we were glad to be given this private room to relax and enjoy lunch.
April 2, 2011--family picture!  Clara Anne, 6, Chloe, 4, and Christin, almost 3.  Congratulations, Lynn and Zhang!  We hope the Lord will give you many years together!

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