Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Surgery Day

Just a quick update this morning:  Mom is now in surgery.  We arrived here at the hospital yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, May 3) and she got all checked in, prepped, and signed the forms necessary for today's procedure.  We were settled into her room last night by about 6pm and after dinner out, I stayed in her room for the night.  This morning very early they were getting Mom ready and she was wheeled into surgery around 7. 

Things to be thankful for today:
*We could not be more impressed with Dr. Rojas, Mom's surgeon.  Last night when he came to check in on her we told him that many, many people were praying for his hands.  Mom followed by saying that we were trusting God to work through him.  He then responded and said, "Yes, absolutely, we are just working together, He is my partner."  Wow!  Praise the Lord!  Trusting Him to guide Dr. Rojas' hands today.

*The care at the hospital is wonderful.  To my Asian eyes the hospital seems so clean, beautiful, even luxurious!  We also had a sweetheart of a nurse last night who was just a joy to have in the room.  Thankful!

*We are all here together.  My brother Mark drove in from Minnesota, my mom's brothers are both here, and even some friends from their home church came in a bit ago.  So good to be together!  We had some precious times of prayer last night and sang "My Jesus, I love Thee" together this morning before they wheeled Mom away.  Precious to be together in a time like this.

*Mom and I even had some sweet fellowship during the night.  She kept thinking of things to tell me in case she doesn't make it out of surgery.  I think it was helpful for her to tell me even though of course we pray that all those details won't be necessary.

Things to pray for:
*Dr. Rojas as he conducts the surgery.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, and skill as he does this complicated procedure.

*That the tumor would be benign.  Pray for no signs or traces of cancer!

*Pray that she would come out of the anesthesia well, that she wouldn't be sick to her stomach and her blood sugar would stay stable.

*Pray that she would feel remarkably well in recovery and would be able to get up and around soon as they want her to.

Thanks so much to all of you who are praying.  May the Holy Spirit guide us as we lift her up together!  I will update as soon as we know anything else.

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Anna said...

Praying for your mom, the surgeon, and your family today.