Wednesday, July 06, 2011

First moments, in pictures

 Let's take a look at some pictures from our almost complete first week back in the US!  Ok!  Above, just moments after arriving at my parents' home.  The girls were hungry and devoured bowls of cheerios (as you can see from Christin drinking the milk to the last delicious drop!).  Grandpa was happy to have us all safely arrived!
 Finding toys...this Melissa and Doug castle was left behind last time we visited the States and the girls were so excited to find it again!
 Grandma willingly read a story with all three girls crowding her!
 We've had lots of time outside, including the girls eating lunch on the lawn.  Isn't it so pretty and green?!
 Don't believe what anyone says, jet lag is REAL.  Christin passed out on the couch and would not wake up for anything!
 Clara Anne conked out in the middle of the living room floor.  Yes, it was piled high with boxes.  Did we mention there's been a lot of moving, sorting, organizing, and packing going on around here lately?
 Grandma and Grandpa went all out and bought gifts for everyone's once!  The Little People Farm is a huge hit! 
 Enjoying the backyard SO much...the girls have had such fun running in and out, and in and out of the house, enjoying the freedom to do so!  No one is scared of the grass this time (Christin had just a few moments of uncertainty but got used to the feel of the grass on her feet really quickly) and everyone has loved being outside, me too!  It is so refreshing to the soul and body.  Tonight we sat on the deck to eat Blue Bunny ice cream and saw a hummingbird, several other types of birds, watched the moon rise and the sky streak with pink, and felt the evening hush descend.  How great is our God and how his creation reflects His beauty and glory!  I even enjoyed an hour of deadheading flowers today...something I hated to do as an immature teenager who didn't like to "waste" time in the garden.  My perspective has changed so much!  I feel like I'm just soaking up the natural beauty and reveling in it, weeds, mosquitos and all.
 The girls were so curious to see if there was anything in the mailbox.  And there was!  A birthday card for Chloe came from Aunt Sarah.  How excited she was!  Thanks, Auntie Sarah!
 Grandma and Grandpa like to take bike rides in the evening, and the girls each got a ride!  They thought it was great.
 We've had some fabulous feasts already, including grilled hamburgers, sweet corn, fresh garden lettuce, a roast beef dinner, and a Mexican chowder tonight with chips and guacamole.  Wonderful!
 Ok, keeping it real...this mess has occupied the majority of our last week.  There's been unpacking of our 8 suitcases, finding and sorting through all the belongings that we had left here for the last 8 years (MUCH more than I remembered), shopping for clothes for the next year at Rock Valley's fabulous consignment shops which "happened" to be putting everything on clearance this week so the already low prices were now 50% off, sorting that stuff, arranging dental and doctor appointments, making plans to rent a van and trailer in order to move to Louisville, going through mail that has piled up for us here, etc etc etc.  And of course there's jet lag to get over, meals to make, dishes to wash, children to keep occupied, and the usual daily stuff.  I am not sure why I had the idea that in the midst of the most major transition of our lives I thought that we would get to Rock Valley and just relax!  But, we're taking it a day at a time.  Most of our stuff is now packed up again and ready to be loaded for Louisville.  And though my heart sinks a little at the thought of unpacking and organizing and finding a place for everything again, at least we plan to stay put in Louisville for awhile.  I think that keeping a cheerful heart in the midst of this mess and boxes and life in upheaval has been my biggest challenge!  Jesus, make me more like you through this!  Please!
By His grace, here we are.  My parents made this sign for us and so on the 4th of July, we put on our red, white and blue (such that we could manage) in order to take a picture out front with the sign.  We are so thankful that we can be here, that we ARE here safely and well.  It's been a blessing to be with my parents and I hope we've been a blessing to them already too (despite the noise, mess, and rapid consumption of their food that comes from having 5 extra people around!).  We're thankful for His grace and mercy bringing us this far, and trust that He will continue to guide and protect as we make the transition to Louisville in a few weeks.


Brandon and April said...

you guys look great in your red, white, and blue!! So happy you've gotten to enjoy so much of America in just one short week!

Courtney said...

sweet family picture on the 4th. y'all are precious! enjoy your time with your fam before headed to be with your other fam in Louisville. love to you :)

bsue said...

Rach! Great rule of thirds in that pic of chloe. Looks like things have been crazy but in a fun way. Missing you a lot!

bsue said...

OK so that comment was from Becky P. Not sure why blogger had it come up as someone else!

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