Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moving Day!...sort of

It's only moving day...sort of since we have had several of these big days lately!  But, we are thankful for the Lord's faithfulness, protection and care as we have transitioned back to the States in the last few weeks.  It seems almost unbelievable that we've only been back a little over two weeks, so much has happened!  All has gone well (busy, but well!) and we are now ready to begin our move to Louisville. 

We rented a van through a local shop, attached a hitch to it and have a U-Haul trailer behind, and this afternoon, after lunch at Pizza Ranch (of course!) we'll begin the drive to Louisville.  We are taking my parents with us on this adventure!  They'll get to see our new place, visit my brother Mark and Beth who are already settled in Louisville, and then will help us by returning the van to the Rock Valley area next week.  We plan to all stay with Mark and Beth and their girls when we first arrive in Louisville, and hope that we will soon get word about our belongings that we shipped from overseas.  The crate was supposed to arrive in Los Angeles two days ago, but so far we haven't heard any word yet!  I am still holding it loosely in my thinking, if we see those things again, it will be by the Lord's sheer grace!

So, we'd appreciate your prayers as we travel today and tomorrow, and as we begin the moving process again.  One day, we will be settled!  I'm looking forward to that, but also seeking to enjoy the process and be thankful for all the Jesus has done for us as we go.  It's His grace that has brought us this far!   We're excited for the next step in the journey!

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Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see y'all!! Coming with the Winds!(Robert)