Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Haircut!

 After years of cutting John's hair, I finally dared to give my girls a little trim.  All of them were looking a bit scraggly and I figured I couldn't go too far wrong!  Even if I did, there are plenty of hair salons nearby that could fix it if it was truly terrible.  But, I'm happy to say they all turned out just fine!  Not great, perhaps, but good enough for now!  The girls did a good job sitting still and thought it was fun.

Chloe and Christin posed for an "after" picture...with Chloe's new bear, Cuddly, that she got for her birthday!  (wearing a paper bonnet, made by Chloe, of course!).  Happy Haircuts!

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sandra said...

I don't cut Hubs hair, but we've always cut Schäfer's and I imagine I will cut the girls. Paying for haircuts can really add up! I would probably cut Hubs if he didn't love chatting with people - and the 5rmb price!