Monday, July 23, 2012


 The baby's room is ready!  We are using our walk-in closet as the baby's nursery for the indefinite future, and I am so pleased with how everything fits well in there!  There's not an overabundance of room but it is going to work out fine, and I'll have her close at hand for those nighttime feedings initially, and during the day for her naps I think it will be separate enough from the rest of the house to let her sleep well.  Now we just need a baby to occupy that room!  Here's how it all turned out. . . 

 Showing the closet door open--the wood on the side is the large wardrobe we brought from overseas, it obstructs the doorway slightly so that the closet door doesn't fully close.  I think it will work out fine, though, and even give just a little extra air circulation.
 There's the pack-n-play that Chloe and Christin both slept in for numerous's certainly gotten its share of use!  The bassinet is handy though and will be helpful for when the baby is first born.  The changing table came from a big consignment sale I went to back in the spring.  All her little clothes are ready and waiting for her!
 There was even room for a basket of baby toys on the side!
 Ok, baby, we're all set!  Come when you're ready!  Pictures taken July 13, 2012.


The Culbertsons said...

It looks so cozy! Hope she arrives soon!

sandra said...

What a perfect space! I'm so ready to meet "baby C"!