Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Secret Garden, in pictures

Finally, here's a few pictures of our secret garden that we have enjoyed so much this spring and summer!  Above, the view from inside the school room, through the sliding glass doors. . . you can see it is truly a small space, and totally secret!  We also put a padlock on the wooden fence door so that the girls are safe playing out there--we do get some "interesting" traffic up and down the street on the other side of the fence, so, better safe than sorry.

 The girls love our garden space!  If it's not too hot, they can often be found playing or reading outside.  We laid the white rock, added the hanging plants, and I love the little $1 sign we found at Target that says "Welcome to my garden."
 A refreshing retreat and green space!  All the herbs and flowers smell good, too!
We're so thankful for this little space!  It's been a lovely addition to our home, and just about the right amount of garden for us.  I'm really enjoying the fresh herbs in my cooking and the girls have a great time doing the watering.  Most everything is doing well (though I'd like to see more flowers on my impatiens) except the fuschia plant...we had it upstairs on our west-facing patio, outside our front door, for a long while and I think it just got too hot.  The western sun for several hours each day was just too intense.  But the other plants are doing well and we've enjoyed their beauty, color, and fragrance.  It's a lovely secret garden!

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sandra said...

Love this sweet space.