Monday, September 22, 2008

Around the House

Tonight for your viewing pleasure, here are some recent pictures of domestic tranquility . . . of course, who ever is taking pictures when there isn't tranquility? I usually don't get out the camera when my children are fighting over who gets the plastic lemon!

Anyway, enjoy!
Ready for bed . . . Clara Anne with her new princess jammies on, Chloe with the farmer look (shirt pulled up over her belly), and both of them with clean teeth and bright smiles!
The girls' favorite snack lately has been frozen grapes. The small seedless green grapes are in season now, just ending actually, and we have bought lots and frozen them to eat as a healthy snack. They are tasty! Here they're eating their grapes while Christin settles for eating her fingers.
Clara Anne and Chloe really do a good job of entertaining Christin. Fun times hanging out on the couch! Chloe gives me her cheesy smile wearing her "dancing" dress--whenever we play music in the house (pretty much every day) the girls want to put on their dresses and dance around. Usually no one is injured in the process!

Here's my helper, Lou, doing some work in the kitchen. It is the perfect size for one person! Everything is easily accessible. I love having real countertops and the luxury of the hot water in my tap has not worn off yet! (Yes, Lou is wearing my old Starbucks apron. It's gotten a lot of use!)

September 12 was a big day for Christin--she started eating some rice cereal! I had noticed that she seemed to be hungry still after feedings; instead of looking up at me and smiling she started squawking at me after she was done nursing. So I began her on rice cereal and now she is happily eating three servings a day. She prefers it mixed with mama's milk but can be convinced to eat it mixed with water. She's really improved in her sitting skills with all the practice time in the high chair! I love her little toes held straight out in this photo.

And, if the rice cereal doesn't fill you up, just try gnawing on a plastic bib for awhile! So satisfying!


Janet said...

Ok, time to de-lurk. I stumbled upon your blog through some other blog, I have no idea which one at this point, and I recognized you from Northwestern. We didn't know each other, but I knew of you because my freshman year roommate had a bit of a thing for John (and pretty much all tall basketball playing types, for that matter). Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble, but I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures (a visit to your part of the world is on my list of things to do someday), and your girls are absolutely adorable!

Teesa and Bill said...

I love your home and your beautiful girls.
Your baomu is either really short, or the counters are really tall.
I know Bill always said he "couldn't" do the dishes b/c his back hurt too much. I wondered if you had the same issues before and went ahead and heightened them.