Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bicycle Adventures!

During our recent trip away, we spent a morning at a beautiful, huge park in the city we were visiting. There were these six-seater bikes available for rent, and since we had among us six adults and 8 children, we filled up two of them! We tooled around the park, enjoying the sun, breeze, and scenery. The kids liked it too! Our family took advantage of the opportunity to take a family picture in front of some lovely fountains. It was a fun time! (and I was only slightly sore the next day!) In other bicycle news, John has had a brief hiatus from his bike due to repair issues. He discovered one day last week that the back tire was completely flat, and in addition to a malfunctioning chain and a broken basket, his bike has been given a rest, for now. Usually he is zooming around the city at breakneck speeds on his extra-tall bike, towering over the rest of the population and ringing his bell like mad. He definitely stands out! Hopefully he can get to a repair shop soon and take care of the problems. Then the errand-running will become easier again!

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Ethan said...

Oh, the wonderful mental picture I have now of John riding his bike. Great to hear about a heart-lifting day in the park.

many thoughts and blessings

Ethan, et al