Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"Dear God, thank you for my breakfast. Thank you for won’t help me be afraid of the dark. Thank you for not letting me get any more bites. Thank you for all the mermaids in the world. Thank you for Disneyland. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

[Some of you who got our mailing recently already saw this, but I thought it was worth sharing here as well! We've been trying to encourage Clara Anne to pray at meals, and so it was with delight that we gave her permission to pray when she asked the other day at lunch, not breakfast as she says. Though the grammar is confused, she is trying to tell God that she is thankful that she isn't afraid of the dark. The bites refers to mosquito bites; she is terribly allergic and one bite will often last for weeks and weeks. Her special affinity for mermaids is because of Christin's middle name, Arielle, which of course is similar to Ariel the princess mermaid in "The Little Mermaid." And she is still talking about the fun we had at Disneyland! I think it's even more fun in retrospect than it was that day!]

Way to go, Clara Anne! Jesus is so happy to hear your prayers!

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Blog Amanda said...

keep up the praying Clara Anne! don't forget about, "may I have to be excused?" we still use that one here!
- Amanda