Monday, September 29, 2008

A note to say . . .

John is leaving for a meeting today, and will be gone all week. He returns late next Saturday night and so we will miss him dearly while he's gone! I'll especially miss him when Christin needs to be fed at the same time as Chloe needs help in the bathroom at the same time as Clara Anne can't find her favorite doll at the same time that Lou wants to ask me what she needs to buy at the market at the same time as my phone is ringing. You get the idea! Seriously, though, we'll miss him and pray that he will return to us, safe and sound, next weekend.

The good news is that we are getting a new computer on this trip! The bad news is that John has to take our old computer with him so that a friend there can help him transfer the data from the old to the new. The good news is that when he returns, I'll have my own computer! (Our present one). The bad news is that I'll be without a computer this whole next week.

However, I'm sure I'll survive! I have several great books on my bedside table, waiting patiently for me, as well as some other projects to work on. And, without John here, I may want to just fall in bed at night at the same time as the girls anyway!

So have a great week everybody! You'll hear from me again early next week.


erica w said...

Rachel - I will be thinking about you as I am going through the same thing you are - except my 'Lou' took the week off. REALLY bad timing.
Congrats on the new computer!

Jana said...

Rachel could you email me your email address again I have a new address and can't find yours. I'm the friend of your dads and am at crosspointe.