Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere!

Last Saturday at this time I was in the thick of boiling and dyeing almost 250 eggs for our Easter parties. Three of my national friends came over and actually we made very quick work of it! Leigh, my neighbor friend, had her stovetop going as well and so we were able to boil, dye, and clean up all within the space of two hours! The girls thought it was great fun and were actually quite good helpers.
An American friend had given me several packages of plastic "sleeves" with Easter themes that can be shrink-wrapped onto a boiled egg--have you seen these? They were adorable and we did about 100 of the eggs this way. Enjoy the pictures of our decorating fun!


Amanda said...

What fun! The eggs are beautiful, and so are the girls! I'm sad we didn't get to color eggs this year!

sandra said...

I can't believe you dyed that many eggs so fast!