Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Second Annual...

Great Easter Egg Hunt!

My friend, the incomparable Rachel, did a fabulous job of organizing, planning, and pulling off our egg hunt this year! We had a beautiful, though a bit windy, day for it, and had such a fun time together! Rachel had lots and lots of plastic eggs, some filled with candy and some that had numbers inside that could be redeemed for prizes later. There were lots of pretty dyed eggs as well, so all the kids could collect a full basketful. We had eight kiddos participating this year, with the two youngest (Christin and baby Abby) around for the fun but pretty much unaware.

The hunt was held in the green grassy spaces around the stream that winds through our apartment complex. There was also a man-made cave, lots of trees, and a stand of bamboo in the general vicinity as well. Everything is becoming beautiful with the warmer temperatures and the bits of rain we've had here and there. We are so thankful to be living in this place! It is so unusual in our urban setting of glass, concrete and people people people to look out of my kitchen window and see trees, flowers and flowing water! What a refreshing blessing!

Well, without further ado, (i.e. blathering on by me!) here are some pictures of our day!

Assembling for all the fun...

All the kids lined up and listening to Aunt Rachel's instructions!

"Where, o where, could those little eggs be?"

AHA! Found one!

Found a few more than one, I'd say!

Sheer joy, I tell you!

Here's the whole group with their bountiful baskets!

The only picture (out of more than 100 taken) where I got all three of my girls together!

Daddy helps Clara Anne open the plastic eggs.

Wow, prizes! The kids also had to look especially hard for their own personal egg, and if they found it (all of them did, with maybe a little help along the way), they got a special prize. Clara Anne loves her new bracelets and Chloe is now happily using a new Minnie Mouse chopstick, spoon and fork set.

Baby Abby slept cozily through almost the whole morning!Thanks to a cake that crumbled and the pioneer woman, Rachel made these delicious strawberry flowerpot cupcakes.

They really were quite adorable.

Clara Anne's special name egg was found in this cave.

Everyone enjoyed their cupcakes!

And the fun didn't stop there! Everybody was excited to do an egg-on-a-spoon race.

Don't drop it, now!

Happy Easter, 2009!


Brad & Carrie said...

So cute! But I'll have to tell you we are a bit jealous at the shorts you all are wearing. It snowed 4 days ago. Today was rainy and cold, but we broke every cultural rule and let the kids stomp, play and lay in the puddles.

sandra said...

What great pics! I can tell you are loving your new camera!