Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singin' for the Soul

Last Saturday evening John was working late and I was giving the girls supper by themselves. Having had enough, Christin began to systematically throw her bits of food on the floor, then look at me to gauge my reaction. I gave her a firm, "No, Christin" and then went to get the washrag to clean up. As I was in the kitchen, I heard Clara Anne singing to Christin...all about why she needs to obey Mommy and what she should do. I stood and listened for a moment and then thought, "This is too great NOT to write down!" So I started transcribing as Clara Anne kept on singing. Here's a portion (only a portion!) of what Clara Anne was singing that night. . .

"You must, you must, you must, do what God says, you must o-be-e-ey! So obey Him right now, you have to do it with your whole heart, with the strength that God gives you . . . obey, God wants you to obey, you must learn your lesson or you'll go to hell. Sin is waiting at your door to eat you up! So use your strength to trust in God . . .

You only have two choices, one to go to hell, and one to go to heaven because Jesus died on the cross for your sins. Jesus Jesus Jesus, only He can save you, Jesus is the one for you-oo-oo! [That last sentence to the tune of Dinah, won't you blow your horn!]

If you obey God for the whole long week you can go to heaven. . . you know the rules Christin, so you must obey, you have no choice if you don't want to go to hell, so you know what to do, you have to pray and ask God to help you, and don't lie or you'll get spanked . . . Don't lie, that is not what the option is to go to heaven.

Jesus Jesus Jesus, he's the only one, that you can believe in!" [Again, to the "Dinah" tune.]

And then I stopped writing and went out to finish cleaning up. Clara Anne said, "Mommy, I was singing a silly song to Christin!" I told her it wasn't silly, that I was really glad to hear her singing!

John came home and saw my notebook on the countertop and got some good chuckles as well as being slightly amazed at how well a four year old can understand the basic message. It gives me hope that what we are trying to teach her is sinking in a little bit!


Anonymous said...

I love Clara Ann's song. It made me smile this morning and rejoice that His message is for everyone! Have a great day.

sandra said...

I'm so glad you wrote thought to write this down. Isn't it just these kind of moments that we could want to bottle up and remember forever?

Amanda said...

My mom got some "chuckles" out of it too!