Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Remember When...

Remember a long, looooong time ago when Chloe had a single night of dryness and received her special gift? Well, since then we've had a few more dry nights, a lot more slightly damp nights, but we've also had not a day go by that the special gift hasn't been played with. Are you curious yet? Here it is...

These little dolls are like the princess version of "Polly Pockets." They are tiny plastic dolls with rubber dresses to put on, little tiny accessories like shoes and jewelry, and even a few tiny sidekicks thrown in like Sebastian for the Ariel doll, Chip and Mrs. Potts for the Belle doll, and a tiny bluebird for the Cinderella doll.
Clara Anne got an Ariel doll for Christmas and because of the nature of its tiny parts, she was only allowed to play with it at the dining room table. Even then, we lost a couple of the tiny,tiny, tiny shoes. Have I mentioned that they are tiny? They are about 1/4th the size of my thumbnail.
(Aside: My guess is that they ended up in Christin's stomach. Christin is a menace when crawling around on the floor by herself. She finds something and immediately tries to stick it in her mouth and eat it. She has eaten a sticker, which stuck in her throat and wouldn't come up until about three times of throwing up; she's eaten a penny, which she threw up almost right away, and many of the little shoes from these sets have "disappeared" which truly makes me wonder . . . They aren't big enough to choke on, but still, if she didn't eat them, where could they be??)
However, since Clara Anne enjoyed her Ariel so much, we bought these two sets for the girls as Chloe's special treat. I have not been disappointed. They have already provided hours and hours of fun! Here are some "action" shots for your enjoyment!
This is a serious business, I tell you, it takes hard work and concentration!Working together.
Fun for everyone! Look at those tiny pieces!

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sandra said...

I have actually REALLY been excited to see what Chloe got for her big present. Wow! What a great gift!

P.S. I never knew they made toys so microscopic.