Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All in a Day's Work

As the girls and I have gotten into a better home schooling rhythm, the days are settling into a bit of a pattern. We start with devotions, memory verses, and the hymn of the week at breakfast. Then after breakfast there are some small chores to do before read-aloud time. In all wisdom, reading aloud probably shouldn't come right away in the morning, but that's been my choice. It's just too appealing to sit down and cozy up with the girls and a cup of coffee and dive into our latest book. They love it and so do I! On this particular morning they created a little "bed" for themselves on the rug in the school room, so as to properly enjoy the reading aloud. What do you think? Is this home schooling or . . . simply pure pleasure? (that blue and white chair was about to be occupied by me and my coffee cup, book in hand!)
Silly faces, fun times!
Ok, down to business now. Clara Anne and I have been working on her handwriting. I didn't buy a specific program but am just using the ball-and-stick method that I happened to have on hand in a workbook. She's making progress with evenness and flow! Chloe enjoys getting in on the action too! I'm not sure what I'm going to have to teach her when her time comes...she's absorbing a lot already!
Clara Anne is quite conscientious and careful. Notice she added an extra line to the first "F" making it an "E". She dutifully crossed it out and continued on. She always wants me to circle the one which is the best looking!
So, from building forts to listening to books to practicing our handwriting, ballet, and piano, it's all in a day's work! The schooling journey continues!


Carolyn said...

Our homeschooling day just is not complete without a read aloud time. I tried moving it to other times of our schooling but it sets the tone for so many other things/attitude that it NEVER worked other times. Don't feel guilty. I don't know why you are questioning its location in your day but I just thought I would let you know that this was the VERY best time for us--not to say it was the only time we read aloud :)

Rachel said...

Carolyn, thanks for that bit of wisdom. I never thought about it "setting the tone", I just thought about the fact that it's the thing we most enjoy and so it's the thing we want to do first! I really appreciate your comment, now I won't feel badly about it anymore, I'll just enjoy it with the girls!

Thanks again!


(can I also just say that I'm so honored that you stopped by my little blog? :) I'm glad you could "visit"!)

sandra said...

What a fun way to start the day! I love reading aloud to Schäfer and can't wait for Sianna to join us. Right now, she'd rather grab the book, toss it on the floor and crawl into my lap. Yes, we're working through it. I love the photo of Chloe working right alongside Clara Anne. So sweet! I bet she's learning a ton!