Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Playplace

Sunday is a special day in our house, it's our family day. John works the other six days of the week, and we have our worship services on Friday night, so Sunday is the day that we spend together as a family doing something fun. We often go out to breakfast, or have a special breakfast at home, and then go "out and about." One of our favorite destinations recently has been this indoor playplace. The playplace was discovered by "accident" one evening when John and I were riding a bus home from a nearby city. All of a sudden I said to John, "There's a DAIRY QUEEN!" Sure enough, there was. A real DQ from the States! We just had to check it out and came back on our bikes that evening with our girls. We stopped at DQ and had some ice cream, and then wandered around the shopping area where the DQ was located. As it turns out, it was a really nice shopping mall! There were hair salons, restaurants, stores, a 24 hour Mickey D's, the DQ of course, and then John found this playplace on the 3rd floor. It had only opened in July so it was clean, new-looking, and full of fun stuff to play on! The whole area had a princess/castle theme which the girls thought was great!
So since then, Family Day has often involved a trip to this playplace. And to show you the importance it occupies in the girls' minds, without fail, Christin prays for this playplace every day. Usually she is just thankful for it but occasionally she asks for help for it too. :) That's along with praying for America every day. . . we can't forget that either!

There's a fun climbing system with a triple slide into a ball pit, a large trampoline area, smaller toys for the smaller kids to play on, this inflatable boat with annoying loud music, and the girls' favorite (which I don't have a picture of), an inflatable octopus that turns around, huge and perfect for jumping and climbing. The girls love it!

These pictures were taken with my small camera, so forgive the poor quality, but they give you a glimpse, anyway! The one below I just had to post because of the "homegirl" expression on Christin's face! She has been such a hoot lately with her expressive face and funny sayings!

No A/C at the "new playplace," but now that we're into fall the temperature has been just fine. We're so thankful for a relatively clean, safe place for the girls to run and play and get energy out! And usually the other parents and kids at the playplace are busy doing their own thing, so we don't get as much attention as we do out in other public places, which, frankly, is a relief. It's nice to just be able to play and not have to pose for a thousand pictures. So we love our new playplace! In this country there's always the chance of businesses not making it, but we truly hope this one sticks around!

Happy Playing!


sandra said...

So fun! Christin's prayers made me laugh out loud. Such a sweet home girl (that face!).

Kevin and Becky said...

I'll agree that the octopus is quite fun to jump on...