Monday, September 06, 2010

Tea Party Traditions

We've started a new tradition here at our home, a Saturday afternoon tea party tradition! Inspired by Sally Clarkson (have you read her books? Mission of Motherhood, the Mom Walk, the Ministry of Motherhood, and more, or you can find her on facebook as well) and her emphasis on intentional relationship building with your children, I began this new tradition. Traditions don't have to be expensive, or saved for very special occasions. We're going to do this each week on Saturdays, since Saturday is usually a long day of work for John and that can mean a long day at home too! When we have the tea party to look forward to, it makes Saturday a more special day, rather than just a day to "get through."

My tea set was a gift from my mother-in-law. When she visited us here last year, we found this beautiful set in a local market. It's more western-style than eastern, and a nice full pot of tea is enough for each of us to have two cups. It's fun to use our beautiful things; the girls love it!

We make the tea party a special event. We wear our pretty dresses, use our best manners, and Mommy leads the conversation. Tea party time is a time when each girl can ask a question or bring up one topic of conversation (as directed by Mommy), and I also lead a brief reading from Proverbs. How fun to learn about being a wise woman--wise in the Lord's ways--while enjoying our special tea time together!

Even Christin is allowed to carefully use a real cup. The girls love to add their own sugar and milk, carefully handling the china and delicately stirring their tea. We're all on our best behavior at tea party! Making memories and building relationships, while enjoying tea and special treats, what a treasured time together. I hope we can continue the tradition for many, many years!

How about you? Do you have a fun family tradition that your family just loves?


Anonymous said...

I love the tea party idea! The girls look so pretty in their nice dresses. Kristie

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are such an inspiration! What a wonderful, special memory those girls will have. I have a friend whose family did a "Little house on the prairie" theme once a year, where they dressed up in turn of the century clothes, and went without electricity for a whole week (during summer break). 20 years later, she's still talking about it!

sandra said...

What a sweet idea!

Kevin and Becky said...

Wear pretty dresses? You mean I wasn't supposed to show up in my workout clothes to the last tea party? Oops! I guess it takes a good hostess not to make fun of my poor choice of attire.

Sarah said...

Love this idea and also love the author Sally Clarkson!I am going to look in to implementing this tea party idea with Emily and possibly with Nathan because he really loves to put on his Sunday best and I think it would be a tool to teach him how a gentleman acts around ladies! :)
*One sort of tradition that we have enjoyed and done off and on is in the evenings having something hot to drink (especially fun in the winter months) and reading quietly to ourselves. We have also enjoyed putting on readers theatre books like Chronicles of Narnia and Little House on the Prairie.
*I have also thought of a hymn for each child when they are small that I often sing to them before bedtime. If we sing it at a group time they get excited and automatically know the words.
*Other traditions we have seem to focus around the holidays which is would be a another fun post!
Thanks for sharing!
I am always interested in different traditions. Also love Treasuring God in Your Traditions by Noel Piper.

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

If you are interested in more of Sally Clarkson's writings, she also has a blog called I Take Joy...not sure of the exact url but you can google her if you like. She is an excellent writer and her blogs are always worth thinking over!

Sarah, I love your hymn tradition idea...actually I chose hymns for each of my girls before they were born and often played/sang them while the babies were in my womb...but haven't really followed up on that since then! I guess it's not too late to start!

I also love the Noel Piper book, she has great ideas and gives a lot of biblical, practical advice about starting family traditions.

Thanks again for your comments, everybody!