Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Christin has been cracking us all up lately. Here's a sampling!

She recently picked up the phrase, "Know what" and now uses it all the time. "Know what, Mommy?" "Yes, Christin?" "(and then she babbles on.)" I think she likes it because it gives her permission to talk. In a house (mostly) full of women, that can be hard to come by!

And then there's the "How about" construction. Yesterday, in the kitchen:

Me: "No, Christin, it's almost time for supper. You may not have any yogurt."

Christin: "How 'bout a cookie, Mama?"

In the school room while home schooling Clara Anne:

Me: "Ok, let's put that book away now Christin."

Christin: (bringing me another book) "How 'bout this book Mommy?"

Funny girl!

Christin's verbal abilities just seem to be exploding. She's expressing herself so well. Her prayers have gotten much better as well, I'm happy to say! She's actually praying prayers that are appropriate to the context and not repeating herself nearly so much, which is good progress!

She's really taken an interest in reading lately. She has several favorite books: Brown Bear, What Do You See, of course, and we have a book called Maybe My Baby which has been a favorite for a long time, but the two most often requested books recently are We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Go, Dog, Go! She's had the latter almost memorized for a long time already, and the Bear Hunt book is just plain fun with its repetition, fun noises, and unexpected ending. She loves to ask for them to be read again and again--over and over--again and again! I usually comply because I know this is really helping her verbally and mentally right now. It's fun for everyone!

We love our Christin! Even when she protests her nap, tells everyone to "SHH!" when she's trying to get a word in edgewise, and is a pesty younger sister, we still love her and her Christin-isms. We're so glad the Lord made her part of our family!


Sarah said...

Love the cute "Christin-isms." Also thank you so much for the advice regarding mealtimes! Last night it was date night swap and we had 9 little ones here so needless to say nothing was implemented, but tonight our dinner was pure delight and peace. thanks again so much! Blessings!

Kevin and Becky said...

Amy's house...Amy's house...Amy's house...