Sunday, September 05, 2010

Making Progress

I've been more faithful to require Clara Anne to practice the piano this week. Hoping to keep it up! Notice she is wearing her ballet clothes. . . of course. It's not a good day unless there's some dancing involved! I'm a big believer in a few minutes a day, every day, of any discipline to see good progress, but sometimes it's hard for me to carry through. Anybody else relate to this??! Anyway, we'll just keep on trying, and trust that eventually progress will be made! Way to go, Clara Anne!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, In our limited, humble experience, each child is so different in the progress they make. Sometimes they catch on quickly and have few problems, others take weeks even months to learn the same skill. Others of ours are slow and steady at times and others are a spurt here and a spurt there. Now the tricky part comes in when you as a parent need to decide if the lack of progress in a particular area is truly a lack of say maturity or just not catching on or if it is a character/ spiritual issue. So glad she's making progress. Some is better than none. Now, that being said, there's nothing like homeschooling to remind us parents of the character qualities we need to work on -- Amen? We are learning just as much as they are on so many different levels. Hope this didn't sound too preachy!
Rebecca VE

sandra said...

Hey girl. Just catching up on your blog after a 3 week (or was it 4?) computer break. I can't believe how big Christin is & I"m thankful potty training has gone so well. Clara Anne looks SO SWEET in her ballet uniform! I'm glad homeschooling is going so well. hugs.

Rachel said...

I think you're absolutely right! (and you have tons of experience!) Learning happens in so many different ways for children at different levels. I think with piano, I have not been faithful to require her to practice and so since she isn't as eager to do it, it doesn't happen. So I'm trying to be more consistent. She loves math and asks to do it, it doesn't seem hard to her, but reading seems like work and so her progress is happening more slowly. Again, as you said, we parents need to discern what the issues are in learning and whether it's laziness or truly struggling to master a new skill. So, we'll take it bit by bit...some progress is better than none, like you said!

By the way, have you welcomed your new little one yet? Or is it not quite time? Hope you're doing well! Blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...

No baby yet. I'm due on the 13th. I tend to go late, and most of the time that really doesn't bother me, because I can usually get more done with them on the inside, pair that with the fact that I really don't like L and D (even though my L and D's are usually only 31/2-7 hrs. and go really well), and you potentially have a pretty good rate of myself being induced. I've only gone on my own with 2 out of the 6, but we shall see. Things are going well though, so we are thankful. ClaraAnne is showing just maturity in you most recent post. What a sweet sister indeed!
Rebecca VE

Anonymous said...

I meant to write Clara Anne is showing such maturity in your most recent post. Sorry!