Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Broken Record

I apologize, everyone. I just can't seem to help myself from writing about potty training. Probably the only ones left reading my posts are moms who have been there, moms who are going to be there sometime soon, or women who have empathetic hearts. I'm sure all of the men lost interest long ago.

But it's really on my mind. (Potty training, that is.)

Tomorrow is the big day, and I have a nervous knot of anticipation in my stomach similar to what I used to feel before a big singing performance--adreneline pumping, no appetite, mind going over and over what I need to do. Just before opening night at the Opera, there was always a flurry of activity. Usually the final dress rehearsal had a few snafoos. Maybe the orchestra played out of tune, rushed the slow movements, or the speaker system failed so the orchestra couldn't be heard on stage. Or the conductor forgot to give the one cue you were waiting for. Perhaps the tenor singing opposite you moved the wrong way on the stage and what was supposed to be a passionate duet ended up being sung with a large piece of furniture between you. Most likely, the chorus ate too many pretzels backstage while they were waiting for their five minutes of singing in a fifty-five minute act, and thus came onstage lethargic and with gunk in their throats. I can say that since when I was a member of the Kentucky Opera Chorus, we did eat lots of pretzels backstage; what else do you do to while away the time? When we did Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, the chorus is only on for perhaps 20 minutes of the entire opera! So, snacks are the answer!

Now we know what Clara Anne has in common with the Opera Chorus: snacks. I have prepared a stash of goodies, ready to reward every successful act on her part. I've got salted peanuts and popcorn (helpful for stimulating thirst so that she drinks more, thus giving her more opportunities to practice her new skill); gummy fruit candies in peach, apple, grape and blueberry; mini M&Ms; apple slices and raisins for a healthy choice; and chocolate milk, apple juice, and water to drink. I've got my chart ready to record times and keep track of things, and her pink training pants laid out on the table. I'm ready!

The question, however, remains: is she?

Only time will tell. From what I've heard, potty training requires a lot of time and effort on the part of both the mom and the child, so I may not be able to post for a few days. I'm sure you'll be able to contain your curiosity! But when I am able, rest assured that I will update you all with a progress report.

And, if you happen to think of me and Clara Anne at any time in the next few days, take that as a clear prompting from the Spirit to lift us up! (I'm not kidding.)

Thanks for bearing with me, the broken record. Next time maybe I'll have a new tune to sing!

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Erica W said...


Well, I am waiting in anticipation as to what the first two days have brought in the Wind household with the potty training!

Fill us in when time allows!!