Friday, November 24, 2006

A Collage of Chloe Cuteness

Chloe has been all smiles lately (except, of course, when we were all about to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and she decided to make her unhappiness very loudly known), and here are the photos to prove it! We've got her first time in a highchair (not to eat, just to play!), hanging out on the bed, lounging on the grass, wearing the adorable cherry outfit, and finally, wearing two outfits that were mine as a little girl--the pink outfit in the bottom picture and the green crocheted dress which is especially special since my Grandma Bruxvoort crocheted it for me. Chloe seemed happy about all of these photo ops--she loves face-to-face contact and will protest when she is left to play by herself and the people have moved out of the room. Enjoy these photos of Chloe Rachelle!

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