Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chloe's First Swim

I love Thursdays. Every Thursday morning is our play date with Clara Anne and Chloe's friends, Emma and Samantha. My friend Rachel and I alternate houses, and plan fun things for the girls to do. Last week, at my house, we did a lot of singing and moving to music, as well as giving the girls their first chance at playing with Play-Doh. Today, at Rachel's house, we did a special craft with the girls that they could take home, then "painted" with food-coloring-colored ice cubes on paper towels. We moms have just as much fun as the girls do! After sharing lunch together, the visiting family returns home so the girls can nap in their own beds.

But today was different! Rachel and I had planned a super-special activity for the younger girls. There is a place near Rachel's house where parents can take very young babies for a swim in their own private pools! So after lunch we put Clara Anne and Emma to bed, left Josh in charge, and packed up the younger girls.

Here's what happened next:

Wow, look at Chloe! She's all ready to go swimming!

Uh, Mom, I'm not so sure what I think about this. What is this weird thing around my neck? And why don't my feet touch anything when I kick? And how come I don't have any clothes on? . . . Ok, I've made up my mind. I want OUT!

Oh, that's a little better. I like the towel. And I like Mama. I just don't like swimming!

your persuasive tactics are not going to work on me! I just know you'd like me to take another dip. Well, I guess it is better without that thing on my neck. And the water is nice and warm. Maybe it's not so bad. But I like sitting here with you, too! Next time maybe I can swim some more.

So, as you can see, the swimming was a fun idea, but not such a huge hit with our little Chloe. I guess I should have known...she has never had a real bath at home, I always just give her a sponge bath on the table--which she loves. I think she just wasn't accustomed to being in the water. You know, it's been more than four months now, so she's apparently forgotten what the womb was like! Just for fun, here's a picture of Clara Anne at her first swim, though she was only about six weeks old! She was scared and cried, but now she swims like a fish, so I guess there's hope for Chloe, too.

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