Friday, November 10, 2006

The Moment of Truth

The package has arrived.

Yes, THAT package. The one previously marked as a terrorist threat, including one book and twelve pairs of pink cotton training pants.

So this is the moment of truth. I plan to read the book over the weekend and start toilet training Clara Anne on Monday. Diapers, farewell!

As I was just writing the first lines of this post, I heard a tearing sound coming from Clara Anne's bedroom, where she was supposedly asleep. I went in to investigate, and to my dismay found her with the tapes of her diaper undone, and her pants pulled down slightly, even after her recent punishments and a strong warning from Mama before she went to bed. As she has struggled with this issue over the past few days, we have made the punishments more severe every time she gives into temptation, in hopes that she would learn her lesson. It doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps our permanent solution to this diaper dilemma will be to be truly done with diapers, for good.

Another person in our lives is also facing a moment of truth--my house helper. Yesterday I shared my "story" with her and also part of the Most Important Story. Today she had many questions and it seems that Someone has been working in her heart for a long time. Please think of her over the weekend--I am hopeful that on Monday, instead of my house helper coming to work, I will have a new sister. She expressed today that if she were to believe this Story, she would commit to it with her whole heart and never turn back. Amen, let it be so!


Erica W said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear how it goes with the potty training! Clara Anne will be paving a new road for us! She will be teaching us how it is done! Be sure to document the lessons and methods well so I can learn! Elizabeth's time is coming soon (although not soon enough for this momma), so we are ready to learn from you Clara Anne!

Jenny said...

When I started potty training with Josiah I had 12 pair of training pants and he went through all of them before supper time! Good luck. I hear girls are generally easier than boys though. It took Josiah about 3 months until he was 100% successful. He has been trained for 1 1/2 years now and it is almost time to start training with our second son!